LAGAAN – Management lessons from movie

This 15th August I was watching this movie called Lagaan, being telecasted on Set Max

Some inspirational management take aways from movie Lagaan

  • People with Sudden heartfelts should be tested before being part of same ship
  • Focused people as part of the team are very instrumental, they act as catalyst and help sails through difficult times
  • When required leader should not hesitate forming giving direct warnings
  • Your enemy can be the closet person to you. It’s duty of a leader to keep an eye on everyone, even to your closet allies. This however does not mean you need to doubt everyones integrity and intentions but just keep an eye.
  • Don’t underestimate anyone, sometimes the weakest looking person turns out to be the most strong team member (remember ” kachra”)


About Retvic Bisaria
Hi, I am Retvic Bisaria, a finance professional working for an US based IT offshoring and Outsourcing company. Besides a finance professional, I am a photography enthusiast and love visiting places.

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